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Auction Rules & Guides



1. Enter “fundo.id” into the search engine.


2. Click on “Register” on the top right corner and fill in the required info. Or click on “Log-In” if you already have a registered account.

3. Users will then be required to verify their E-mail & phone number that was registered.


4. After verifying your account and completing the remaining required data, Users will be able to sign up either as a Seller or a Buyer. Users are able to create multiple Buyer or Seller Accounts.


5. Once the Sub-accounts of either Buyer/Seller have been created, users will be able to Buy or Sell on the platform respectively.


6. Users need to choose which Account they want to use after they log-in before they can access their dashboard.

Bidding Terms & Information


Lot An item which is auctioned at the platform.


Lot Information The details of each Lot. To view the details of a Lot, click on the Lot listed in the “Marketplace“.


Bid/Bidding Placing a Bid is the action of placing an offer on a Lot. A bid cannot be cancelled, reduced or increased from the amount bid.


Bid Amount How much of a Lot the buyer wishes to buy. Buyer would be able to buy part of or the whole Lot. The minimum bid is Rp 5.000.000,- (five million rupiah) followed by multiples of Rp 1.000.000,- (one million rupiah).


Discount The Discount Rate that the Buyer wishes to bid on the Lot. A higher discount rate means a Lower Bid and a lower discount rate means a Higher Bid.


Starting Discount Rate Each Lot that is available in the Marketplace will have a predetermined starting discount rate which will be the minimum rate that the Buyer can bid on each Lot.


Floor/Bottom Discount Rate The lowest possible discount rate that can be offered on a specific Lot.


Auto Bid Is a feature that helps a Buyer to automatically get the next cheapest bid. It will continue to update the cheapest bid available as more bids are offered by other Buyers.


Buy Out/Buy Now When a Buyer selects the Buy Out option, they have decided to buy the whole Lot (full amount) with the lowest interest rate possible (Highest possible Bid). This option will overrule all previous bids and directly declare the Buyer who Buy Out to be the winner of the Lot.


Tenor The amount of time predicted for repayment from payor. The tenor will be calculated from the date of disbursement to the date of payment from payor.

Bidding System


Upon creating a Buyer account, users are obligated to top-up their Fundo balance with minimum of Rp. 5,000,000,- in order to access the list of available Lots in the Auction, as per the auction terms.

To top up your balance, click on “Details” below the Fundo Balance located at the top right of the Buyer’s dashboard.


After the Buyer has sufficient balance, they can view the list of Lots available in the Auction.


Buyers can read Lot information by clicking on any area displaying the Lot. After analyzing and understanding the provided information, Buyers can make an offer for that Lot by pressing the $ symbol or the “Danai” button on the Lot.


Buyers can choose the Bid Amount and Discount Rate they wish to offer before placing a bid on the Lot. Bids that have been placed cannot be canceled, reduced, or increased in amount.

Winning Bids are prioritized in the following order:

Lowest Discount Rate offered
Earliest time of Bidding.
Amount offered.


New Bidders and those whose bids have been surpassed are permitted to re-enter the bidding for an ongoing Lot, provided they offer a Discount Rate lower than the Buyer with the highest Discount Rate, and their bid is submitted before the bidding period ends.


Each successful bidder for a Lot will receive notification via email.


Winners of the auction have the ability to review the history and specifics of the Lots they have acquired on the Buyer’s dashboard.