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Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

What is Fundo?

Fundo is Asia’s first and Indonesia’s only Securities Papers auction platform that connects Sellers and Buyers to help them grow their business and achieve their respective financial goals.

Is Fundo regulated and supervised by the government?

Fundo is a product of FSB Indonesia, a company with an official license and regulated by the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Indonesia, Directorate General of State Assets (DJKN) Number 154 / KM.6 / 2019.

What is the scope of services provided by Fundo?

Services performed by Fundo include services before and after the auction. Among other things, checking the Securities Papers to be auctioned, making auction announcements, monitoring auction activities, recording auction winners, and monitoring the flow of funds.

Is every transaction at Fundo subject to tax?

Each transaction is not taxed as the profit from the auction item is the responsibility of the invoiced Buyer to report personally.

Who can apply for auction at Fundo?

Everyone can become a Buyer or Seller at Fundo, as long as they are individuals of at least 21 years old with an ID card or a business company.

FAQ for Individual Buyers

What is Individual Buyer?

An Individual Buyer at Fundo is a person who wants to reach their dream destinations of financial goals by helping local SMEs to grow further in the form of a Securities Paper Auction.

What is the requirements to become an Individual Buyer?

The requirements to become an Individual Buyer at Fundo are as follows:

  1. Have a KTP and NPWP

  2. Have a Bank Account

  3. Attach a selfie while holding an Identity Card (KTP)

Can I have multiple accounts as Individual Buyers?

Yes, you can. You may own and use multiple accounts of Individual Buyers as long as you qualify for an account registration at Fundo.

How do I get information on the bidding (listing) of lots being auctioned?

You will get information about listings of Lot bids being auctioned through announcements and emails after you become a member and make a guarantee deposit before the auction starts.

Is there a risk to the purchase of securities?

Yes, the risk is that if Payor fails to pay, it becomes a risk for the Buyer of Securities Paper.

FAQ for Corporate Buyers

What is Corporate Buyer?

A Corporate Buyer at Fundo is companies who need to maximize their monetary assets and expands its capital by buying a Securities Paper(s) through an auction platform.

What is the requirements to register as Corporate Buyer?

Have articles of association and all documents related to the company, such as NIB, NPWP, Judicial Endorsement.

Can I have multiple accounts of Corporate Buyer?

Yes, you can. You can own and use multiple accounts as Corporate Buyers as long as you qualify for an account registration at Fundo.

How and how long does it take for the Withdrawal process?

You can request a Withdrawal through our website: www.fundo.id.

Please note that the time required after you make a “withdrawal” request will be processed on the same day by Fundo as long as the request is made before the cut-off time at 02:00 PM (GMT+07)) on a working day.

FAQ for Sellers

What is Sellers?

A Seller at Fundo is a company who needs fast working capital to grow its business by selling a reputable Securities Paper(s) through an auction platform.

Who can be a Seller at Fundo?

Any companies with payor from a well-known company are welcome to be Seller at Fundo as long as they have a minimum of two years of establishment, a sound track of financial records

What is the requirements to register as a Seller?