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Kepala Risalah Lelang




  • ——-On this day,Friday the Fourteenth of June two thousand twenty four (14-06-2024), the offering starts at nine (09:00) and the offering closes on Friday the Fourteenth of June two thousand twenty four (14-06-2024) at fourteen (14:00) Western Indonesia Time (WIB) by me: ————————- —————-Zul Idami, S.Pd., S.H., M.M. Class II Auction Officer, Greater Jakarta DKI Region.———————————-
  • Carrying out a Voluntary Non-Execution Auction for movable goods in accordance with the Request for Assistance in Implementing the Auction Number: 008/FSB/ADM/V/2024 the Thirtieth day of May two thousand twenty-four (30-05-2024) signed by Sister: Aida Sutanto in his capacity as Director of the Fundo Company ——————————————- —
  • Goods sold through Auction today are as is according to the condition on this very day, in the form of invoices ——————————- —————
  • This auction has been announced on the platform www.fundo.id, and Sister Aida Sutanto as the Seller’s Attorney guarantees the validity of the goods being sold at this time without being bound by a Fiduciary. This sale was carried out in accordance with the Auction Law (Vendu Riglemen) and was amended several times by the Regulation of the Minister of Finance, regarding instructions for conducting Auctions, regarding Auction Halls and regarding Class II Auction Officials. ————– —————————————–
  • Bidding prices submitted by Bidders do not include Auction fees charged to Buyers. ———————————- —
  • Auction Fee is levied at 0.6%.—————————————— —————–
  • Settlement of Auction Payments by Buyers is made in cash no later than 5 (Five) working days after the Auction is held. ————————— —
  • Deposit of Auction Fees to the State Treasury by Fundo no later than 1 (one) working day after the Auction price is paid by the Buyer.—————-
  • Buyers are not permitted to take/possess the goods they have purchased before fulfilling their Auction Payment obligations.—————-
  • Transfer of Name Fees, Tax arrears including fines and other official fees are the responsibility of the Buyer. ——————-
  • The auction official does not guarantee the veracity of the information given verbally at the time of sale regarding the actual condition and legal condition of the goods being auctioned, such as the rental agreement, etc., in this case the entire thing is at the buyer’s expense and risk.——- —–
  • Specifically for purchases in this Auction, as long as it is not specified in this Auction Minutes, Bidders/Buyers are subject to Civil Law and Commercial Law in force in Indonesia. ——————— –
  • After what is described above and read in public, the Auction Sale begins: ———————————– —————–